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Welcome. I'm Kate, a qualified  Art Psychotherapist with extensive experience of providing creative and arts-based therapy to adults. I offer an integrative and relational art therapy approach that draws on research into human creativity, psychodynamic psychology, developmental attachment and social systems theories.



Integrative arts psychotherapy is an active method where individuals use imagery and arts-based methods to communicate, with support from a trained therapist and in a welcoming creative space. All kinds of art forms are enabled to foster self- expression with the aim of giving new visibility to inner dilemmas and life difficulties. As a further step, looking at art works together with the therapist may lead to discovering further meanings that offer useful or healing perspectives on issues. This approach engages both body and mind in a dynamic and potentially transformative process, in which inner strengths and resources are validated and enhanced.


No artistic experience or skill is needed to get value from this form of therapy. Integrative arts psychotherapy can be of benefit for a wide range of problems and life adversities (such as anxiety, stress, low mood, concerning behaviours, relationship problems, creative blocks, life crises, grief and loss, and more)


I work with individuals and groups in a range of settings, including private practice.

Art for Wellbeing Groups

Community, hospital and workplace based programmes to enhance wellbeing

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy for Individuals

Utilising the creative method as a means of self exploration

Clinical supervision for mental health and care professionals and trainees

Creative Supervision

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